Ian Watson

Born in Sunderland in 1956, Ian Watson took a first Degree from Liverpool in 1978, and an MA from Leeds in 1996. He has divided his time between teaching Art and Painting and has run the Art Departments at The Mount School York, and The English International College Marbella. He has painted in Spain, Greece and Australia, exhibiting in all three. Ian works in oil, pastel and mixed media producing work in a variety of styles around the themes of the Nude and Landscape.

All of my works begin as small sketches from life which are then developed in layers of oil on canvas . I want to make paintings that do not have the flat sheen of mass-media photos of places or bodies, but in which the surfaces show a flawed, imperfect reality. I do not hold to any particular style of painting, letting each work develop what seems to be the correct method which could be thin paint layers, heavy impasto or a combination of both. These are images created by layers of memory and direct observation, fluid and changing. Each painting combines several viewpoints; fleeting acts of perception merging into something that, whatever else it is, is not a ‘view’. I was always concerned that the painted surface should be gritty and curiously textured like the real. Recently I have become intrigued by the way my drawing methods create networks of sight lines. These are a result of combining different viewpoints encountered during my movement through the landscape,or round a body, as well as the movement of the landscape or the body itself. These works are a result of these deliberations.



  • Athens / Dec 1985
  • Burleigh Heads, Australia / Oct 1990
  • El Albanil, Spain / January 1992
  • Fisherton Mill, Salisbury / Oct – Nov 1997
  • Wills Art Warehouse, London / Feb- Mar 1998
  • Easthorpe Visual Arts, Mirfield / Dec 1999
  • Blakehead, York / April 2004
  • Blakehead, York / July 2006
  • Stansfields, Almondbury / July 2006
  • Blakehead, York / December 2006
  • Kings Manor, University of York / April – May 2007
  • Sleepers, Huddersfield / June – Aug 2007
  • Howden Festival / September 2007
  • Kings Manor, University of York / April – May 2008
  • Kings Manor, University of York / July – Sept 2009
  • Sleepers, Huddersfield / June – Aug 2011
  • Kings Manor, University of York / July – Oct 2011
  • North Light Gallery, Huddersfield / April – May 2012
  • North Light Gallery(Leeds Fine Artists)  Huddersfield /April 2013
  • Dean Clough Gallery(Leeds Fine Artists) Halifax/ Oct-Dec 2013
  • North Light Gallery, (Art For Life -Cancer Charity)  Huddersfield June 2014
  • Dean Clough Gallery(Leeds Fine Artists) Halifax/May 2015
  • Dean Clough Gallery(Leeds Fine Artists)Halifax/May 2016
  • Morphets, Harrogate (Art For Life Auction) Nov 2016